Art of fly away

Since my childhood, I’ve been deeply affected by bright lights, strong scents and loud noises. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by painful emotions like anxiety, sadness and fear, not just mine but from others as well. I connect with people’s feelings with ease, and that is why they often grant me access to explore their inner worlds. 

When I was 33, I went through a painful divorce. This was the reason I started therapy. It was the psychotherapist who told me about the phenomenon of "hypersensitivity": increased sensitivity and deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli. He gave me an image to describe it: “It’s like a black hole inside that is swallowing you, but you can fill it by something”. So I began to work with photography. Soon I realized that it was important for me to create material things. This is how I began to work with sculpture. 

By crafting objects, I sublimate my fears and anxieties. In this project, I combine found things - symbols of the imperfect of my inner state - with objects created by my hands. Trying to equalize them is my way of allowing myself to be.