This text and photos were found on January 3 in 2020 in an empty flat. The owner of the flat disappeared before it

«The strange and anomalous events were fixed by residents in the territory of North Korelia in the last century. This information was classified and wasn’t explored at all.

Old-timers remembered that this place was strange and special since ancient times. Strange and unusual events happened there. Local residents were making a special ritual there. Also, they worshipped to mushrooms. After almost a hundred years scientists were interested in this place again.

A special expedition was sent there. During the expedition, scientists found strange mushrooms that were taken for tests. The results were shocking. These mushrooms were 1 million years old and probably were entered into Earth from another galaxy. After this research has been stopped and all information has been classified.

My friend and I decided to organize an expedition to this place by ourselves. We want to understand what is happening there. We are planning to take some mushrooms home for research. We want to know how do they impact us