CV. Yuliya Pavlova photograph

Yuliya Pavlova is a interdisciplinary artist currently based in Saint-Petersburg. She was born in the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (TASSR) in 1985. Psychological trauma and personal identity are some of her main interests. In the present, she is exploring the relationship between myth and science. Yulya is inspired by the works of filmmaker and theatre director A. Tarkovkiy, sculptor Alisa Shaposhnikov, photographer Laura Letinski and conceptual artist Iliya Kabakov. Yulya experiments with photography, installation and sculpture from different materials (clay, gypsum and plastic).  


2021 — Group exhibition in FFTN gallery «Thing № 4» (Art of flying away)

2021 — Online exhibition in virtual space Wall «Shurale»

2021 — Group exhibition in Nagornaya gallery in Moscow «Art of Fly Away»

2020 — Group exhibition in Strata Concept in Moscow «Art of Fly Away»

2020  Online group exhibition in virtual space wall-online «SECURITY  APPARATUS»

2019 — Book «Seek and Hide» in Bratislava Festival

2019 — Group exhibition in Ivanovo in Festival «Avangard»

2019 — Online group exhibition in virtual space wall-online 

2019 — Group exhibition in Kaluga (Young Russian Photocontest)

2019 — Group exhibition in Ioannina in Palea Sfagia

2019 — Group exhibition in Somerset House in London by the World Photography Organisation


2021 — speaker for charity fund «Thursday» —» Invisible women — women in sculpture»

2021 — Took part in the auction in «DiDi gallery» with sculptures

2020 — Toor a part in art market in «Third Place» in Saint-Petersburg with sculpture «Virgin»

2020 — current  Tutor in academy of documentary and art photography «Fotografika» —author course «First steps»


2020 —  Shortlist Interval Art «Art of fly away»

2020 — Finalist of open call Riga Photomonth 2020 «Nature of beast» (Shurale)

2019 Nominee in International photography grant in category «Creative»

2019 — Finalist of Young Russian Photocontest

2019 — Finalist of Photometria Awards 2019

2019 — Finalist of The Swap Project run by the World Photography Organisation


2020   Float Magazine «Seek and hide»

2020 — Unknown gallery «Government of childhood»

2019 — «F-stop magazine» «Open Theme»

2019 — «Don’t take a picture» magazine

2019  «F-stop magazine» «Alternative Portrait»


2020  «Republic» magazine project «Shurale»

2020 — Bird in Flight magazine «Codependency»

2020  «Republic» magazine project «Seek and hide»

2019 —  RTVI project «Sologubovka»

2019 «S-T-O-L» magazine project «Sologubovka»

2019 —  «Republic» magazine project «Government of childhood»

2019  «Dodho magazine»  project «Government of childhood»


2019 — 2020 — Ekaterina Vasilieva author courses

2020 — Jana Romanova course

2019 — Kazumo Obara workshop

2019 — Elena Anosova workshop

2018−2019 — FOTOGRAFIKA Academy of Documentary Photography

2003−2008 — The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications Programmist