Die, freeze, rise! / 2023 year

The main idea of the project finding ways of spiritual salvation during turbulent times. I worked with theater of the absurd aesthetics. The theater of the absurd arose as a reaction of total war, death camps, terror — under the sign of the apocalypse. Absurdism turned its hero into a puppet; an absurd hero is always an object, not a bearer of will.

Game and horror merge, death becomes a game, and life becomes an absurd nightmare. The title of the work also refers to game. “Die, “-and all participants freeze in awkward poses. “Rise”-and everyone comes to life again.

Speaking about spiritual salvation, I turn to Christian symbolism-icons and symbols of the apocalypse. By filming children, I create a playful, theatrical form of action. We create our play in which we don’t ask questions, where characters accept the meaninglessness of their existence. This acceptance gives the right to happiness.


Projects consists of

  • Digital photos
  • photo-collages covered by acrylic 
  • 6 wire sculptures
  • 6 collages (20×20cm)